Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the official website of the 6th International Congress on Political, Economic and Management Sciences (ICPEMS) which will be held online  in İstanbul, Turkey. 
The main topics of the ICPEMS 2021  will mainly focus on political, economic,business and management sciences which include public economy, public governance etc. The aim of the conference is together leading academicians, policymakers, in dependent scholars and researchers from many different parts of the World in order to share their knowledge, to generate new ideas as well as to discuss future developments in these fields.

An additional goal of the ICPEMS 2021  is to offer an opportunity for young researchers, academicians and practitioners with multidisciplinary interests related to business, economics and social sciences to meet and interact with members inside and outside their own particular disciplines.

The ICPEMS is organized every year in different countries that take place in the Balkan, Far East and European regions of the World so that the presented problems in the economics, business, management, social sciences and other related areas are evaluated from a different geography aiding to develop better international relations and communication.

We look forward to see you  at the ICPEMS 2021.

Best regards,
Prof. Dr. Giray Saynur DERMAN
Chair Congress
Marmara University, TURKEY

6th International Congress on Political, Economic and Management Sciences (ICPEMS)